Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a birthday it was?!

Schrodinger cube

The weather decided to be good almost all weekend. Sunday was a bit overcast and had the usual drip drip of the Northwest. As you can see from Saturday's post, the weather was nice enough on Friday to allow me to get pics without grimacing in cold pain. Actually it was rather pleasant during the photo shoot and when I did go out into the surf, it did not seem cold. Oh no, I am acclimating to this coast's idea of what beach water should feel like. Saturday was spent with family and walking along the beach. I got my husband and Bud (the little sil of Arwen fame) to go with me into a yarn store, even though all they wanted to do was head back to the beach and dive into the surf (tis not my idea of a fun activity but they are native washingtonians).

Cattrack Cat - Arty shot over the shoulder

Sunday was spent saying our goodbyes and heading home. We stopped at Ecola park (my favorite park on the coast), which is just at the northern end of Cannon Beach and went for a short hike before the skies opened up and left us wanting our car and something dry and warm.

Upon arriving home, I found tons of comments for my contest and the Schrodinger Cube Bag in my mail slot. The observant among you might have noticed the yarn in the bag. I'll wait while you scroll up and see if you see it.........................................

................ What!?? you did not see it. Fine I guess I will have to show you. I got it monday morning, not with the bag. That would have been nice but I don't know Jen that well. I just love her box bags. This brings me to the total of 3. Oh and one more thing before I share about the yarn. If you are my monkey pal and don't have a bag for me (not that you to), but she has a monkey cube on her site. Now run not walk over there and see it. Isn't it lovely and classy? Ok I will stop being pushy with the bags, I still want to buy them for myself and not make her always be out of stock.

Now the yarn is sock yarn. Well what else would it be. I don't have friends that are so generous that they would give me a sweaters worth of nice yarn. No but my walking buddy whom I taught to knit, got me a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot. I gave away my only skein in my blogiversary so I was waiting on a cool color to show up at our LYS. My friend got me this wild one called Firestorm. I think there is almost every color in it. so lovely. What Huh you want to see it? Oh right why else would you read me. Ok yarn Prn for ya'll to enjoy. Hmmm.... just a moment, I seem to have not uploaded it to the web.

Birthday yarn for me!

Ahhh there much better. Now don't forget to enter the contest if you haven't yet.