Monday, April 28, 2008

Dude, what are you doing inside?

Dude what are you doing inside?

Mr. Bun feels that once the month of April appears, we should be hanging out outside without a stupid doxie around to herd him into heart racing palpitations. No fear Mr. Bun, I think we can work out something if you are willing to wear a leash.

Tis strange to be answering a question about May flowers and April showers and what I would be doing on when the April showers are showering, since I am sitting outside in the sun blogging. Glorious sun! Here we have april showers every month of the year. It is the rare occasion that it does not rain in the Northwet.

A better question for me would be, what do you do when the sun shines. Well I will answer both. We know Mr. Buns opinion on the matter. How about mine?

April Showers make me curl up and knit. Now that we have a wood stove in the living room, I can be found with a kettle boiling on the stove and a fire within. Tis my fav, but then I have always loved the cool weather. I like sweaters and woolie things. I prefer to ask churchable to set up the fire the night before, but sometimes he is busy or the day was not expected to be so chill. On those days, I hop across the doxie intimidating grass (tis hard when you are only a foot tall and the grass grows like a weed and needs to be mowed the day after it was mowed) and fetch wood from the shed.

Now this year has been odd and we have not had many warm days yet. Two years ago when Care Bear was visiting from Michigan, it was so hot we both got burnt from hanging out in the backyard. I love to go outside and dink around in the dirt and clean up. I am not much for gardening when the weather is unpleasant. Call me a fair weather gardener and I will take it with pride. I think this year I will be pulling my laptop and knitting out to the hammock under the tree to chill all day long. Now if only I could figure out a resting place for my glass of iced coffee; I would be completely happy.