Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday too meeee!! A contest

ETA: pics of prize yarn and details about comment moderation.

shoulder shot

So today is my 29th birthday for the first time. No silliness here about 29th for the 29th time or anything like that. I am almost ready to release Alisa.

side diamonds

I thought I would share a few pics here on anticipation of the release. I hope that you are not too overwhelmed. We did take 84 pictures and still need to do another photo shoot since churchable did not get a great picture of the whole sweater so that people would get a good impression of the overall look.

lower diamonds

Don't worry I don't have that many photos to show ya'll. Just enough to wet your love of this simple summer sweater.


At this moment Alisa has been perfected through bust size 38". The two largest sizes need the shoulder shaping reworked so hopefully they will be all nice and ready for the 30th.

beach cover up

Now this last photo, tis rather good. It was on flickr for a matter of minutes and already had several views. I took it because I wanted to show that it is long enough to be worn as a beach cover-up.

So it is my birthday today and that means I want to have a contest. There are several prizes. Everyone should find something they like. If you prefer not to win one of the prizes, let me know and I will take you off that list.

  1. leave a comment with your name and your email in the email spot (I will be the only person to see that part) and if you participate in the posting bit then leave the link in the post for extra points.
  2. tell me what makes you happy. Pictures are great. I would love if you blogged about it or you could post a pic in flickr and leave a comment in the description about why this makes you happy. You don't have to post outside the comments about your happy thing but you will get added to the drawing a second time if you do post about it.
  3. tell others about the contest. Yes this is just my way of getting more people here. I want to see my blog feed have 100 or more subscribers. I have between 75 & 80 right now. This will also get you another spot in the drawing.
Now you are all wondering about the prizes. Well since Alisa is coming out now, I will be giving out a free pattern to 2 lucky people. Details about Alisa here and ravelry. The other prizes are yarn.

green butternut woolen
Butternut Woolen sock yarn (local blogger and dyer)

Black Malabrigo worsted
Black Malabrigo Merino Worsted

Unknown laceweight

This is the mystery laceweight yarn. I don't know what it is. My stash has an unhealthy amount of unmarked laceweight and I don't knit lace. I am sure this was recent addition to the stash, say last 5 years. For those of you who would like a better description, here is a close up pic.

close-up of yarn without flash
I took this picture without the flash because it has a shiny fiber in it that washes out easily.

So read that folks, 5 prizes to be won. Any questions about Alisa, can be directed below and I will have a blog post up later with answers to those questions. If I get enough entries there might be more goodies appearing. I have been blessed lately by yarn and other goodies.

Thanks and have a great day. Oh and you have a week to enter the contest. Next Saturday at 11:59 PM PST is the end.

PS: those of you posting to the contest. This blog has moderated comments so you only need to press publish once, a notice will be sent to me and I will agree to publish. All multiple comments have been left unpublished. Typically I get comments up within 24 hours or less. Anything left on a Tuesday goes unverified till Wednesday since I take a day where I don't turn on the computer all day so that I can focus on designing and other important facts.

PSS: Thanks for all the interest and participation. IF we keep this up, I will have a post with the most comments ever and the highest commented month.