Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow I think I am back

So this always seems to happen to me when I leave my little blog alone, I get used to not caring for it and I enjoy the leisure of getting sucked into different projects and now Ravelry (I got my invite back when I was on vacation in June. My name if you have not found me is rchrispy.)

The last time I posted, I showed ya'll some UFOs. Well the green one is completed and awaiting its reveal on Friday. The yellow one had its end rewoven in and was worn on Sunday. The cream one is not mine no matter how talented I am, that is a store-bought sweater. I was trying to darn it and do some other things, but alas I do not have the skills of Grumperina. So instead I will use my superpowers of design and knit the pattern and it will be bigger and better than before. I have the perfect cream yarn to reknit it in (It was actually the yarn I was going to use to darn it.)

I wanted to post on Friday (7/20), but as I was doing some final things on the computer - I lost my connection. Come to find out. Everyone in town with DSL lost their connection. Knowing our town it was probably meth heads looking for metal.

Well churchable was in great need of a break, so we too a vacation. It was not very complicated but relaxing. The first part of the time we hung out with his buddy from college in Seattle. Then we head out to camp. Now remember it was pouring down rain that week. We spent the night in Leavenworth (not raining), Mountain Loop highway area (raining but gone by morning) and Bainbridge Island (not raining). Churchable did some trail running with one of our dogs and I knit on work stuff and garner inspiration from the wilds of washington. We attempted to climb Mt. Pilchuk. Yes I know it is not tall or hard, but I was hungry (we forgot half our kitchen supplies and the breakfast food we brought could not be cooked with what we had) and the skitters were driving me nuts. Plus I was nervous that we would miss the ferry to go to Bainbridge so that I could attend a class with Amy Singer. I had plans of a shower before I met the goddess of Knitty.com.

Yes for taking me out in the woods when I was supposed to be working with yarn, meant that I got to do stuff later in the week. My knitting events accounted for a class with Amy Singer on No Sheep for You and Stitch n Pitch. I had a blast at both. We had to leave early from the game since the little silver princess got out of our friends backyard and was picked up by a stranger. Thank goodness for tags.

Since we got back, I have been knitting my butt off. Sometimes refusing to feel the pull of sleep till 4am because I got the perfect idea and I am sooooo close. I have one project down for Blue Moon and am going to be doing the finishing touches the rest of the week.

Since tomorrow is WIP Wednesday, I will hold you guys from the knitting pics. No worries I already started the post.