Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Hey everyone,

On the weeks that I miss posting WIP Wednesday and FO Friday, I will be posting Weekend Wrap-up. There will be weeks in the up coming months that I will be unable to be near a good internet connection. So if you don't see the midweek updates, check back at the end of the weekend.

This week I was sick and in a lot of pain and completely unable to think straight enough to put together any updates.

Since I finished all my WIP and had no clue what I was going to work on that was fast, I doubted I would have a FO. Fear not because I finished Eiffel.

Pattern: Eiffel by Lana Hames of Lanaknits Designs from Knitty
Yarn: Scheepjes Linnen de Luxe color 306 - gold with pinks and purples
(50% flax, 50% acrylic) 50grams, 175 m, 2 strands held together.
Needles: Clover US 4 circular, Susan Bates US 6 circular, and Clover US6 dpn
Mods: Well lots. I knew from the begininning that I did not have enough yarn. As it turns out I might have had enough for longer sleeves then I made. I had 2 full hanks and a partial ball. My chest is rather large so I stopped the lace at 7 inches. Now that I have put it on, 9 inches would have been better but my constant measurements showed otherwise. Oh well, I still love it. I made the sleeves 6 inches to the armpit join. I actually can't wait till the weather is warm enough for me to wear this outside for longer than a few pics. Also after putting it on I have determined not to put a ribbon anywhere on the sweater. I do like ribbons but I did not think this would look right. I also did one less decrease yoke repeat set and am very glad because this might have smaller than I would have liked with it. I am especially proud of my underarm grafting. It is the best I have ever done. This helps me towards my goal of learning better finishing techniques this year.

WIP: This is a sock for my husband to make up for the last pair which has a loose sock and a tight sock and they hurt his feet. Now I know better. Hopefully these look awesome on him. He loves orange and he picked out the yarn. I am not liking the pooling near the needles. I think it might be because i switched from Continental to English in the middle. I like to pick my ribbing and throw my stockinette stitches.