Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WIP Wednesday

You thought I forgot. No I just had a hard day. I had my annual GYN appt and it did not go well and she does not know what is wrong. It may allergic reaction to meds or other things that effect the nice little formula I had. Well at least she is on it.

Ok onto happier things. WIPs. They have changed. Ok maybe not the Entrelec socks but everything else is different. I have not worked on the Entrelec socks. I want to but other things are more important or easier. Right now my brain is craving simple. It also is going to soon have a bad case of startits. I am debating between Christmas presents or knitting for me. The selfish part of me wants to yell ME, but I think I will start a Christmas present. And since the beautiful women that the 2 knitted presents belong to read this blog I can't blog about them. What maybe I will be selfish so I have blogging material. What to do? What to do?

Oh have you felt the Silkie Blue Moon Socks that Rock? I just got some today when I went up to work and oh my goodness, I don't want to put down the small swatch. Can I sell the little princess for a swatch pet? A swatch pet won't bark or wake you up at night. It will just love me and caress me gently like a lovely gentle lover. I want to cast on socks, but as usual my work knitting is not socks.


Well my only work in progress other than the entrelec socks is a sock for churchable. I finished is previous pair of socks the day before the Mariners Stitch n Pitch, so that I could knit on his Mariners colored sock yarn. He picked out this Lorna's Laces color at Linda Knit n Stitch shop on our anniversary weekend (actually he took me on a yarn hop. I mean what an awesome guy to take his wife away for the weekend and listen to knitting podcasts in the car and go to knitting stores.) Well while at the game I found out that Tina had dyed up some Mariners yarn for Tricoter. It was awesome but she sold out way too fast. I am waiting for a new dye lot so I can get some for churchable.

Guess what FO Friday is coming a little early and it will be jam packed with yarn finished goodness. I even have a FO that did not stop for air. It tried to get knit in under 24 hours. The silly thing did not realize that I needed to do something other than sit on my butt.