Thursday, August 02, 2007

FO Friday - a day early and plenty of goodies


: Fifi from French Girl knits
Yarn: 4 1/2 balls Rowan Calmer color Khaki
Needles: Crystal Palace US 1 DPNs
Thoughts: Finally she is finished. I like the look but I have issues with the pattern, the length, my bind off on the arms. The pattern was not very clear which I think is weird for such a more upscale pattern company. I cast on 3 times for this pattern and I still am not happy with the neck line. It needs to be bigger (next time I will cast on 140 on smaller needles and then switch to larger ones after rnd 6). Because this yarn stretches, I thought I had the right length, but once I put the BO garment on it seemed a little shorter than my desire. I tried a new stretchy BO which works for the bottom, but not the sleeves. The sleeves probably need to be knit on a needle one size down with a basic BO.
Mods: I got to the BO for the S, but it did not meet at the underarms. (now it seems, It might have fit if I had split there and had increased in the side seam.) So I did the full increases for the L/XL on the bust but not the sleeves. I put in bust darts - 2 on each side ( I had holes were I wrapped and turned so I duplicate stitched that area so you could not see the holes.) It seems to me that you might have been able to do a regular short row bust dart. I did 7 decreases on each side starting 2 inches before my waist (in this I did not follow directions but rather turned the side areas into k1p1 areas). I also did the same number of increases for my hips as soon as I completed the decreases. My BO was a K2tog pass st back to LFT needle and k2tog. It worked really great.

Churchable's 4th socks
Pattern: Basketcase Socks
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight Colorway Minestone
Needles: Crystal Palace US 2 Circular
Thoughts: He loves these socks. They fit great on him. I have learned that 60st with this yarn works great for him. He likes snug socks.

Pattern: Sweater with Cables from Rebecca #30
Yarn: Laine de Schaffhouse Livia color 32 (held double)
Needles: Crystal Palace US 8 Circular and US 6 Circular
Thoughts: I am not so fond of this pattern. I looked good on the model, but I made a mistake and made the wrong size (36/38). I know better but oh well. I also don't like the two cables going over my breasts. They are too wide for me. I might wear this with a button down shirt, but I don't know.

Marshall baby girl jacket
Pattern: EZ February Baby Jacket
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece color CW-380 Dusty Sage and some Knit One Crochet Too Wick color 120 - Natural
Needles: Crystal Palace US 6 Circular
Thoughts: This is not completely finished but it will be at the end of the weekend when I mail it off to the new addition to the family. Churchable's cousin is having a baby and I wanted to make something. I had been thinking about this. Suddenly on Tuesday morning at 1:30am, I had to cast on and complete the yoke before I fell asleep. I finished it on Wednesday before noon so it was almost a 24 hour knit. I ran out of yarn on the cast on so I added this trim of Wick to the bottom. I will be adding the snap buttons you saw and maybe the ribbon behind the snaps so it looks more finished and is stronger but I am not sure.