Monday, July 02, 2007

What I have been doing for the past 3 or so weeks?

Knitting at Sonoma Lake

I want to quickly catch you up and hopefully I don't miss anything. The past couple of weeks has been busy/lazy.

We headed down to Sacramento to a memorial service. We of course had adventures on the way down. Two hours into our drive from home we discover that the front passenger tire is flat and has been for a while (we would stop every couple of days and pump it up since we saw no holes). Strangely odd. We also had left at 8:30 pm hoping to stop at a campground and sleep and then jump back on the rode. The campgrounds on I-5 between Portland and Grants Pass are slim if not nonexistent. So churchable's grand idea was to sleep at the Salem fairgrounds. Ok fairgrounds don't sound too great, but after I got over being freaked out at camping in the middle of a city, I got a good nights sleep till a big fat drop of Oregon hit me in the face. I don't know about you but I don't appreciate sleeping without a tent in the rain. We ended up sleeping at a rest stop. The rest of the drive down was pretty good.

Golden Gate Bridge

After the memorial we headed off to see on of my HS buddies who lives in the Bay Area. We got to meet their baby who is very active but he is a year and half old. Unfortunately we stayed with them for a very short time since they were expecting family and leaving for Europe shortly afterwards.

Sonoma Lake

The rest of the time in the Santa Rosa area of California. My SIL and family live in the area. We had good times. I spent a lot of time knitting. I finished a few things and started something very cool.

During this time was my FIL's birthday which was celebrated by going to Santa Cruz and riding on a narrow gauge train up a mountain.

During this time everyone was suffering or recovering from a stomach flu. Bud, Frog boy and I did not get it, but churchable was attacked by it the day we planned to head out to the base of Mt Shasta so that he could summit it. I ignored his delusioned requests that I drive and all I would need to do was pull over so he could puke. No thank you.

Crater Lake

So we headed back to the Northwest a day late, which just meant no Mt Shasta. At this point both front tires were trying to see who could be less deflated. While the tires bickered, we made a detour to see Crater Lake, which was amazing. I can't wait to come back in the winter and go snowshoeing around it. Churchable wants to ski some parts of it (no not into it.)

On saturday we woke up and I complained that I thought I needed a warmer sleeping bag because I froze most of the night. Well come to find out it was freezing that night and my bag is not rated for that cold of weather. So if you go to Crater Lake and camp, bring a warm sleeping bag.

My body might have been cold, but my mind was quickly waking up to thought that I would be at the Black Sheep Gathering soon. My lovely husband was so kind to let me schedule it in. He was even looking forward to the sheep to shawl competition which we never saw. I saw lots of pretty yarn but I must say I really only wanted yarn from the Blue Moon booth, but I am a little biased. When I was ready to go, churchable was shocked. He questioned me about if there was more I wanted to do or so. I did say I wanted to meet up with some of the PDX bloggers but I seem to have missed all of them except Tammy, who was helping man the Blue Moon booth.

Ok on to the knitting content:

Oh first I must tell you a story. Si asked me to teach her to knit socks (she has never knit before people) back in early May, but she lives in Cal and I in Washington. At that time we were both in Spo Vegas and I started her out learning to turn the toe on a short row toe up generic pattern. As we were starting, Frog boy asked if Gee (his frog) could have socks. Each time she and I talked about me coming and her doing more on her sock, Frog boy would ask about Gee's socks. So without further ado, Gee socks with a scarf.

Gee all spiffed up

Upon receiving the scarf, that I knit on the sly in his presence, Frog boy asked if Gee might possibly have some mittens. I think I have some mitten knitting in my future. I hope we don't boil this little frog alive in all the wool I keep passing his way.

If you look closely at the slide show, you will see David's Orange socks are being worn. I finally finished them. I will track him down with them on later.

Since I was sockless, well at least on the needles. I started one pair for me. I have powered through the main sections of the sock but these socks are Enunny's Entrelec Knee socks. I am in love with the socks and their fit, but beware the pattern seems small for a US size 8-9 shoe size. My feet are 7 1/2 and they are tight.


While at the Blue Moon Booth, I bought churchable socks. Well ok sock yarn to be socks. Amazing if you look down, we have a sock. Maybe I did buy a sock at the booth. Ok no really I have just completely shocked myself in how fast I can knit my hubby's sock. I started this a week ago, found out it was too big, ripped it out on Friday night, and Tuesday night I BO. Amazing. I must finally say the proof is in the yarn. I knit faster when I am in love with the yarn. So churchable's socks are Basketcase socks. It is a really easy pattern to learn. It is perfectly suited to a man's sock in its present state but that is because a man wrote the pattern and churchable likes a tight sock. The yarn colorway is Minestone.

David's 4th socks
yes I know the ends are hanging. GO look at something else

Now on to the fun stuff: What you thought socks were fun? Haha

Sweater with Cables - Rebecca #30

This here sweater is one that I don't think I have blogged about. The back was knit before I started this blog and it got pushed aside so that I could knit for the Sexy Knitters Club, babies and in anticipation of my new job. Now I have time to return to it. It is supposed to be a long sleeve sweater, but I doubt I have enough yarn. We will see how big it gets.


This is my next sweater for the Sexy Knitters Club. We are knitting Fifi. Now don't run away when you see I am doing it in the called for yarn. I know this is so not normal. I picked Rowan Calmer because I had read so much about it in the No Sheep for You Book. I wanted to play with this miracle stuff. I have found a new yarn that shall be called nonwool crack. Yes I want to blow my yarn allowance on this stuff and this stuff alone. Forget about my love of Blue Moon. I must have.....

Oh sorry. I think I am better now. but the 4th is calling and I must enjoy some good ribs and corn.