Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday - Yarn Tastings

Matsuri by Noro

Matsuri by Noro
5 sts/inch on US 7s
87% Cotton, 13% Wool
159 yards. Color: 3
Matsuri on Ravelry

The Noro Matsuri is a unique yarn. It is a cabled construction similar to finger weaving done by children out of sewing thread weight yarns. The wool strand gets slubby in places but I think that is the joy of this yarn. As a cotton yarn, this is very easy on the hands. I barely noticed the cotton at all. I got a half stitch per inch more than what was recommended on the info included about it. I loved the color I got. It was multi-dimensional. Most likely from the wool and cotton mixed together. My sample seems to have come from the same stripe so I was not able to get the feel of the color change within this yarn. I do wish this yarn came as a single color because it would be such a nice dimensional color. I did not notice much of a change when I washed and blocked my swatch.

I think my color came from Colorway 2 not 3 because I have not seen the turquoise color in 3.