Friday, June 13, 2008

FO Friday - the hubba-hubba edition

I will apologize in advance if the pictures are a bit blurry. Churchable was in the middle of dinner prep and only took the time to snap a few. My face was blurry in many so that is why it is missing.

The full look of Notorius

Pattern: Notorious by Annie Modesitt in Romantic Hand Knits Raveled here
Yarn: Berroco Comfort in Olive (2 skeins) for the body & Berroco Comfort DK held double in white (1 skein) for the sleeves
Needles: Knit picks Harmony Interchangeables US 9 on the body, US 8, 9, & 10 on the sleeves

Notorius close up

Mods: Wow this one got the mods up the wazzu. I did not start to mess with the construction till the underbust area. I did shorten from hip to waist by 1 inch and waist to underbust by 6". Since I really liked the idea of the I-cord at the front, I continued it around the back so that I could also run the cording around the back for extra support. I added HBD (aka short rows) to the front so that my girls would have room especially since I had seen some projects on ravelry where the underbust cut the boobs in half. After the HBD, I knit in the round for 1" to what I called the underarms. The back was knit in stockinette to match the front of the garment (picture below). I did all the decreases the same and the height from underarms in the pattern. The front was knit and ripped twice because the first time I knit it and added a sleeve. I tried it on at this point to see if anything was a miss. It was. I would have to be an H cup and try to channel a medieval bar wench who did not mind showing everything. So I messed around to figure out what the fix was. I realized that I needed to remove 18 stitches from the front to achieve proper coverage. So I removed those 18 stitches by decreasing on every row at both ends. The sleeves were also a bit strange they turned out narrower than the picture. I added 2 rows before each short row set and 2 rows before the bind off for a total of 6 rows. I still did not have flutter sleeves but I had run out of yarn so I had to live with the results. I used cording for the underbust and the center rueshing.

Facts to remember: Double check that your center stitches are marked properly before you start the HBD instead of an inch after you have finished them. Also that the sleeves might not always turn out the way the picture says they should. If I made this again (which I doubt because who needs this much sexiness in another garment) I would knit the 35" like I did for the lower half and switch to the 25" for the bust area. Both the front and the back were a bit loose at the size written.

Things I Love: How sexy I look. This was knit with the Sexy Knitters Club KAL so I think I got the results everyone was looking for.

The back of Notorius