Thursday, June 12, 2008

WIP Wednesday - a bit late

Man o Man has time marched on. I promised you my mojo eater ideas. So here they are:

1. All my projects are boring to me. Too much stockinette stitch and ribbing.

All my WIPs do they bore me.

2. The crud came knocking this weekend. The unknown beginnings were messing with me.

Did my cold kill the mojo

3. There is a new knitter in the house. My boy is knitting me a love scarf, since we all know I don't do scarves.

Churchable's knitting

Which one do you think it is? I will let you know what I think later in the week.

Now on to the WIPs. They have not gotten much play this week. I did knit on all of them a bit each. I even forgot when gathering them up today what was on the needles.

BILs Christmas sock 1 down 1 to go

BILs sock is coming along nicely. I forced myself on Thursday to finish the cuff and BO and CO for the second sock so that I felt like I had made some progress.

Prayer sock II

The pink sock and I are spending a bit of time together but not too much or else the pink might rub off on me. I am enjoying the process of praying for my swap partner while I knit. I just hope this one does not have as much angst as the last prayer sock.

Firebrick mittens

I pulled out the Firebrick mitten last night since my test knitters are done with their first mittens and I am still trying to get past the thumb divide. It should be a bit easier now. This mitten hung out and watched "So you think you can dance?" last night. They really grooved with Twitchington.