Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend & Contest winnings

CSA farms share week 1

This weekend started out with a trip down the river to get our first CSA farm share of the year. I was so excited. I had missed having a farm share last year. This farm also seemed to meet my expectations of a CSA. If you click on the photo, you will see what we received. Somehow the salad mix and braising greens snuck out of the bag and did not make it home. No worries. I think we will be able to finish off all this food this week.

Meal Plan:

1. French Toast (made with Irish Soda Bread & fresh eggs) & Potato Pancakes (from the PPP).
2. Beet Risotto with Fish
3. Bok Choi Gratin with Chicken

I had also planned to make Mac & Cheese with the Braising Greens but since they escaped, I will have to make other plans.

Frankie using Lexi as neck rest

Saturday morning's plan was to wake up at 5AM to head to Whidbey Island for Earthdog Trials. We woke up an entire hour and a half late and so Lexi was unable to be signed up to compete but we went to go figure out if she would be good at it. It was a successful trip. We did not stay for the Ratting for Rating class because churchable had to be at work at 5AM on Sunday.

I took the above photo on the ride there. Lexi and Frankie were all twined up together. This one got me since Lexi was being used as a pillow.

We came home and had a tiring evening since churchable lost his cellphone. He went back to find it but it was gone. Some teen girl had taken it and refused to answer our calls until she had used it all evening. The funny child thought that by erasing the call history that we would not know who she called or how much she had used it. Thank goodness for unlimited nights & weekends and unlimited texting. I think what caused her to return the phone was my threat of turning off the phone. Oh well at least it is back and unharmed. I had given it up as lost by the time she called to say she would return it.

Sunday was spent dealing with the girl in the morning, but by the afternoon I was hanging out with my good buddy Kat. We went down to Portland to visit a store and then out for an early dinner. It was all for my birthday. It is great to have friends that remember and make things special without being too much.

Now I know you guys probably don't care about the weirdness that is my life of yarn, doxies, bunnies and a loving husband. So on to the prizes,


the winners were emailed earlier today since I have been a bit tired from the overly busy weekend.

I have six winners since we bumped my comments to be the most comments left in the history of my blog.

lower diamonds

Winners of Alisa
Knittin' Diva

Butternut Woolen

Butternut Woolen (this yarn is discontinued - story here)

Black Malabrigo worsted

Malabrigo merino worsted Black

Unknown laceweight

Mystery Laceweight


A cone of Fingering weight yarn for the comment buster.
The winning comment was left at 8:18PM by Turtlegirl, but.....
she did not leave it on the contest post so that meant I passed the prize on to the next person.
And that was at 10:27PM by........
Sharon of Stitch Jones.

Thank you all for participating. I had 52 entries with bonus points over that to a total of 73 random numbers too choose from.