Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yarn Blessings

My recent acquisitions

When you come home to this much yarn on your front door and in your suitcase, is your trip a success? I picked up a few yarns while I was away. Some are for gifts, some are for swatching, some are for me. There is some stainless steel yarn hiding out in there waiting for me to start a project that will probably bore me to tears but a Kush Kush scarf is so fun to play with I can't resist. I also had a few orders and a few prizes and a sock club package arrive.

It is an over abundance of yarn. And I keep winning stuff. The prize I got while away was from the plucky knitter. She specially dyed yarn for me from a contest winning. It is the moss green in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Just yesterday I discovered that I had won prizes from Malabrigo March. I get to have the coveted Malabrigo sock yarn that is not yet available. What did I do to deserve all this? and yet another prize was slapped on my full plater last night as I was checking blogs one last time. I won a book from our local knitting blog from area newspaper. Part of me does not want to enter anything else but just maybe something will come my way again.

Look for a contest this weekend as I start some festivities. What festivities pray tell are these? Well if you have not been reading closely then you will have to wait and see. I do know there will be some sort of participation and these prizes will be good. I have been blessed with a bit of yarn lately.