Friday, April 18, 2008

FO Friday - another long awaited item

Taking a dip

The sock decided since it had traveled this far across the country that it would stop for a dip. It was enjoying the warmth compared to its birthplace up in the cold wet pacific northwest. Here in Texas it is pleasant and warm. It makes a wool sock feel that it is not needed so it can have a life of leisure.

Lounging in the sun

This life of leisure means sunning itself beside the pool. It made sure to drink enough water so as not to dehydrate its wool parts. It thinks, "people should treat me with respect and love me for who I am, I am a wool/silk sock with bold-jewel tones and a complicated lace pattern."

The sock was thinking of diving in but saw this sign warning him

This big headed sock saunters over to the pool again. This time it wants to do a fancy dive into the pool, but wait it sees a sign that warns of head damage if a dive is done. The sock shakes its wee little head and climbs back on its pool chair. As it is taking a swig of its lemon spiked water, some evil person grabs it and sets it next to a bunch of stuff to be stuffed in a box for a long trip to ......

The sock and its swap box contents

Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A Raveled here
Yarn: Great Adirondack Yarn Co Silky Sock 1 skein 100g/ 360 yds (70% wool, 20 % silk, 10 % nylon)
Needles: Knitpicks circular US 1 (2.25 mm) & Us 1.5 (2.50mm)

Mods: I knew I needed to shrink these socks from a US 9 woman's foot to a US 2.5 foot. The method to my madness was to take a yarn that knit up in a micro gauge and just knit the pattern as written. I knit the lace rib portion in a US 1.5 and the sole of the sock in US 1. It turned out perfectly and it fits over my foot a bit snuggly so it will fit perfectly.

Facts to remember: Check your gauge and don't get so high and mighty. I thought I could shrink it by using this skinny yarn and US 0 (2.00mm). That for sure turned out too tight at a whopping 5" circumference it was a no go. My second attempt came up preschooler sized. The third attempt fit but it was a snug fit. I was not prepared to send someone a sock that needed to be tugged heavily on especially one with a small child. At this point I knew that whatever I did next it would fit. So my fourth attempt came out just perfect.

Things I Love: The yarn frogged like a dream, which must mean it will wear beautifully. It never saw signs of distress after all those repeated froggings. The colors pooled just right. A perfect sock in my mind.

Reaction of the recipient: All that is left is to find out my pals response. She should be receiving them soon.