Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does the Spring time make me feel like diggin in?

Green Thumb?

This weeks topic for the coffee swap is about how green is our thumb.

Well I might have been interested in getting out and growing things in years past before I started blogging and designing knitting garments. Now I hope my yard does not die from neglect. The houseplants have been weeding out which of them survives on once a week watering. The gerber daisies seem to have survived the winter (they can be seen sprouting next to the Endpaper mitts in the earlier post.) My roses seem to be doing better with the neglect.

I would love to do more, but with the whole discussion and plans to build an addition to the house. Things have stalled because most of my usable garden space will be under the addition. We have enough yard to move it all to new locations but as of yet we don't know the exact footprint set in stone.

For now I get my veggies from a local farm through a CSA share. It starts the first weekend in May. I am excited to see what we get. This year has been so cold that it might be good or it might be a bit sparse.

Now if I really had all the time in the world and the perfect house, would I still choose to sit and knit and ignore the landscaping. Hmmm.... would I also not live in the Northwet? My biggest challenge with gardening here is that it is not always nice. I do get out on rainless warm day and trim up the plants. My biggest complaint is the weeds. They make me want to give up and just knit.