Monday, March 31, 2008

What's in your pantry? coffee or a bun?

Hey Coffee Pals,

We were asked today to go visit each others blogs and tell something about someone who liked the same roasts as us. Well I could not stop at one since I found some lovely ladies.

I started out by opening everyones blog into a tab and reading them. Well I started at the end of the alphabet and moved forward.

I was a bit shocked by all the Starbuck lovers. I can't stand the taste of the coffee. Oh well to each his own. Though I secretly hoped for starbuck loving pal because it is easy to find here in the land o starbuck.

Vicki P
amazed me with her Kauni sweaters. I love her photo collage of cutting the steeks.

Christy T has the cutest crocheted stuffed animals I have seen.

Chan has a funny picture of all her dogs pileing up on one person. My dogs try this but only when someone is on the floor.

Thanks my lovely hostess for encouraging us to look at a few more blogs. I loved it and I added a couple blogs to my already large blog roll.