Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Please excuse the dust here on the blog. My husband launched my website early. It reroutes you back to the blog from the blog button, but I want it to live over on the website. Those of you on RSS will not have to worry, feedburner will get you to the right place. I did find out that I need to get rid of my widgets or create my own versions of the widgets for my sidebar. So there will be a bit of changes going on here in the web world.

PS. If you live in Houston, TX and want to meet up this month, let me know.

Swap sock - 1 down 1 to go

Would ya look at that!! I have a sock done. Does anyone know which sock this is and why I am so happy to be 1 sock down and one to go? If you can't say off the top of your head check back a few weeks or even into February.

Fiona Baby Sundress

Since Spring is here and PS3 has switched elements to Earth, I cast on a nice Spring Green Baby Sundress for my pastor's wife who has been afraid to use my other present because it was wool. This one is Cotton-Ease from my stash. Ugh. Oh well I have heard good things about the new Knitpick's Comfy. I need to try it out and it might become my baby present yarn choice.