Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did we miss the official FO?

Hello did we miss something?

No you did not miss the FO posting of Wicked. She has been done and worn 4 days this week since she was finished. Basically she was worn every day that she was not drying from being blocked. I just had a minor problem with lighting. Monday was beautiful, but the weather went down hill from there. I was happily snuggled up on the couch this week with my knitting and a roaring fire. Today was the first time that all the necessary factors happened together - good weather, a photographer and a model. I tried that self-timer thing. Not so good especially with a tripod that slips with every second that it is left alone.


Pattern: Wicked , worsted-weight version by Zephyr Style
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted 3 skeins (100g/216 yds) in Burgundy. (100% merino wool)
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony US 8

Mods: Well not many, but a few for fit. I knit the size 32-35" for my 39" bust. Yes that massive amount of negative ease looks fabulous on me. I have tried many different formulas over the past year and this one works the best. It also explains why all my guesses of what size I was when I started knitting sweaters worked out. I added short rows to accommodate my DD friends on my front side and wrote a tutorial. I switched skeins of yarn every round. If I had wanted less pooling, I should have switched between all 4 of the skeins that I used. I knit in the optional waist and hip shaping plus added the pocket. Because my hips are wider than the patterns recommendation, I did an extra set of increases to get to the next size hip circumference. I also did not stitch down the sides of the pocket because I felt the opening was a bit small for my liking.

Facts to remember: My hips like as much negative ease as my bust so I should not have added the extra hip increases. Also my seed stitch gauge is so much off from my ribbing or stockinette gauge that I need to remember to go down a needle size or two to maintain an even gauge. My seed stitch flares and might as well have been another set of hip increases.

Things I Love: I love the feel of the Malabrigo; I am so happy I chose this yarn for this sweater. I love the pocket. I was a little unsure about if it would add visual weight to my tummy. Not so, it snuggles in nicely and does not distract and adds some nice visual interest plus it distracts the viewers of where skeins 1 & 2 ended and skeins 3 & 4 started. I never want to take off this sweater. It has been worn with jeans and a t-shirt and then dressed up the next night for a fundraiser dinner where I dressed up. This wicked is definitely better behaved than my drunken brawling mohair wicked.