Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Served up on a plate

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Glazed Carrots

I have been craving glazed carrots recently. I am not really a fan of cooked carrots but it is project spectrum right now and thought I would try to appease the masses. So, I gathered the supplies - honey and carrots. I started to mix up a batch of yarny goodness, ..............

Malabrigo - Glazed Carrots

a nice mix of Malabrigo and the Koolhaas hat.

I have not started but I really wanted a new hat and have really fallen for all the hats made from Malabrigo that I have seen.

Next up on the block of food is the lovely but fishy pomatomus, it really needed a nice classy wine to be a stand up entry.

Sock Swap

This week things worked out a bit better for me. I whipped through the leg and am one repeat from the start of the toe. I really love this yarn. It is a really nice and I want to make myself a pair of socks from it.

Lastly I have been laboring away at this exquisite Christmas present.

Arwen - a bit further

I just wish it would go a bit faster. I am definitely making progress. I think if I keep knitting it while I watch TV, I will be finished sooner than later.

That's all the knits for now. I have been creating designs this week. Lots of creating more details and swatching. I am really falling in love with some of these designs.