Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WIP Wednesday - PS3 Style

Sock Swap for CC

This sock has been chugging along. Although, what you saw last week is not what is now in the picture. I was knitting it on US 0 so as to shrink the pattern to my pals foot size, but I shrunk it a bit too much. Yes in deed I made her have midget feet. She does have small feet but this was insane. I frogged once after one full repeat, then knit half the lace repeat and measured the lace part to check that going up to a US 1 (2.25) was making it just big enough. To my shock, the sock had not gotten any bigger with the needle change. So I stuck the needles through a needle gauge and well I seem to have picked up the US 0s again. Rip went the sock and I started over with the right needles. Making sure to put those too small needles into their case before picking up the stitches and double checking the needle size of the needle that I was picking up the stitches with. Yes I was a bit paranoid but you would be too if you had made my mistake. So now I am half a repeat beyond where I was before ripping the first time. It is definitely going to fit this time and I think the colors will cause her to love them. Just so you know 2 of the PS3 colors are in the sock.

PS3 ATC - supplies gathered.

I started gathering supplies for my PS3 ATC Swap. I have been missing my inks since I finished art school. I pulled them out laid them out on my bed to sit and contemplate what to do about them all. I love small work in pen & ink. It holds a preciousness that can't really be expressed. Now all I have to do before I can start is to cut the paper to size. I can't wait.

PS3 diet - homemade bread

Several people on ravelry started talking about a PS3 diet (ravelry link). Trying to incorporate foods that reflect each element. This element is, of course, fire and the suggestion was to make baked goods from scratch. Since I make bread every week, I knew this would not be too hard. I love fresh bread. In November, I decided that I needed to start making sourdough. The starter has stayed alive since then even with our crazy schedule. I think I only had to actually feed it once. All the rest of the times, it has been fed because we had used it.

PS3 Gourd

I passed this gourd as I was cleaning up a bit of the house so that I could set up my loom and realized this gourd would be a great PS3 pic. Don't you love how it looks like it just got pulled off the vine with all the dirt clinging to it still?


This last one might not fit with the PS3 fire theme, but I am excited that I have noticeable progress. I think it was barely 3 inches last time. This time I am sure it is at least twice that. I am so happy that it is growing. I don't know if I don't like the reversible cables or if it is the yarn. Only another project will allow me to decide.

Mr Bun

I shall leave you with Mr. Bun. He has been hanging out around the desktop computer. I think he is contemplating hijacking my blog and writing about his experience in this house.