Monday, February 04, 2008

PS3: Fire - yarn aquisition

Malabrigo lace - sunset

I took this lovely skein of yarn for a walk this morning. I saw this bright picnic table in the distance and felt it was the perfect back drop to the firey orange. I am thinking of coming up with a one skein firey project to make this into. Part of my plan is to create a project per segment of Project Spectrum.

This bit of malabrigo was acquired in an avalanche of malabrigo that I stumbled into and spent my Christmas money on. My buddy and I hung out in Portland on Saturday. Since we were snagging the max at Lloyd center to head downtown, I convinced her to make a stop at Twisted. It was great. She was so great and started pulling yarn out that she liked to show me and she was stunned at how nice the yarns feel and how pretty they are in the skein. I think I smell a new knitter.

The new yarn that arrived is below in the slide show:

So far I have not really decided what I want to do. My Pomatomus sock for a secret pal is in the fire arena but I don't know if it counts since I won't show the colors till late March.

The only other thing to arrive this weekend was a nice present from my mitten swap pal. She sent me wristies to keep my cold hands a bit warmer while I am knitting and doing computer work.

Wristies from my secret pal