Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WIP Wednesday: Stupid cold bug...


I went away for President's weekend and I came back with a wicked bad cold. My throat was so sore that I lost my voice and then my nose ran so much that I used an entire box of Kleenex in one day.

Robo Rally - tournie group

Thankfully the weekend was fun and I have decided that next year I will be leading this same game again because it was a blast to run and I think I picked the right time to do the game. I GMed Robo Rally a really cool board game where you control a robot that has lasers and is trying to run a race through a course with moving parts. In addition to having a good time, I met another knit blogger. She is the one in green.

Arwen in need of a hood

Well I am back and feeling a bit better. I still have the lingering bit of it all, but no more fever or heavy symptoms. I did knit during this time. I knit on what I now have titled the Big Green Monster. Arwen is almost done. It just needs a hood. I tried to get out of knitting the hood, but when asked what 16 year old would opt for a plain cardi. I knew I was delusional when I asked.

Almost done swap socks

Now I have been working away at my swap sock which keeps causing me problems. The first sock was done and I am down to the heel of the second one. A friend's 3 year old wanted to try on the pretty sock so I let her and it was almost too tight on her. So I passed the sock to a friend with a child of similar size to the sock recipient. She could get her foot down the leg but not through the heel turn. So I will be ripping the first sock back to the heel turn. I have a bit more time than I thought with these socks. I thought they were due on the 15th of March but I have till the end of March.

Sadly these are all the WIPs that I have going right now and they are making me a bit crazy.

I have been taking a lot of PS3 pictures. I have compiled them into a slide show for you. If the java messes up for you here is the flickr slide link