Wednesday, January 02, 2008

WIP Wednesday

It is a fresh year and I have a few WIPs going but they have been packed up in readyment for churchable's family Christmas. We are heading to Spo Vegas for the weekend.

We are leaving after I see my GYN who has been rescheduled every month from late August to now. I refused to change this appointment. I was tired of moving it. It is a pain to move things around that whenever you call to change it is always a month out.

I know you would like some WIPs instead of a nice log, but think of it as a beautiful inspiration. To appease you, I will post a list of my WIPs.

1 Cardigan to be gifted this weekend but I think it will not be done till MLK weekend when we go back to Spo Vegas.

1 Twisted Flower sock in yarn gifted me by my pal from SP11, which was cast on to welcome in the new year. I am knitting it for the Ravelry: SockDown KAL.

1 Endpaper mitts in KP gloss

a little tube sock for my nephew to match his father. I should be done tonight.

Ok I am off to finish packing and knit the little tube sock. Hopefully there is something good on TV or at least on the TV websites or I will hop over to Netflix and try out the watch on their system some movie that only I want to watch. Churchable always tells me what movie that arrive on my account that he wants to watch. It normally is not a problem but I do prefer to have something to watch especially when I can't turn on the TV.