Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Home at Last


We are back home tonight. Yeah. I am tired of traveling and being on the move. I think I have been gone a part of each week since the beginning of December. Why me?

You came here for the weekly report so let me see. My knitting has been a bit slow, but I parked my butt on the couch today because I intend to not let the last Christmas gift drag out until February. You hear that Bud. I will be done. Ok so here is the belated present.

WIP - Cardigan for Arwen

It is getting a little big for my photo space. I had to shove some yarn out of the way just to get the whole thing in. Well I finished the left side and grafted the cuff cable. That was a bit harder than I thought. Now I have the right side and the hood left plus the seaming. I plan on seaming tomorrow so that I get it done in bits rather than getting annoyed at it all at once.

Anyone interested in a little bit of Cable close-ups. I am a bit in love with cables right now.

Cable goodness of Arwen

This here is me playing with ghetto lighting which I read about over on Socks for Mum. She is taking a lighting class. I really love the look, but I think my camera focuses a bit better with the flash.

Twisted Flower - One Down, Second on the way

Lastly we have my Twisted Flower which I am knitting for SockDown! I am in love. The pattern flows so smoothly that my second sock does not even need the patten to be carried around.

My endpaper mitts are stalling because I need to finish the present and the socks they call my name, but my hands moan about being cold. So I need to knit faster so that I can finish things and have some mitts to wear while knitting indoors.