Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain and what a flatland girl does to escape.

If you are here to know if you won, it is at the end.

I won an award this weekend from my good online buddy knittymuggins.

Here’s how it works:

Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about Blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!

1. Knittymuggins. I am sending this back to you because your emails and our friendship make me check on your blog even when you aren't in my RSS feed just in case I missed something.

2. Robin of Yarn Crawl. I love to see what she produces even with all the classes she is taking.

3. Stitchywitch from Green Apple. Her pieces are amazing and I think I could sit on her couch and watch all her shows with her since I seem to already be doing that.

4. Cindy of Knit for Joy! She is a great friend and a hard worker. You don't get to see a lot of her knits because she is a test knitter for a few people. Yeah PDX bloggers.

5. Carebear of MidWest Fiber Arts. Carebear is my online name for my best friend from Art School. She visits about once a year and we have a blast doing things new and different.

6. Non dairy Dairy. I love this cute little blog that shows adorable drawings. I try to read this blog as soon as it appears on my RSS feed. I even use the occasional desktop wallpaper.

7. Jess of Will Travel for Food. She is the wife of churchable's hiking buddy. We love to go visit them and enjoy great food and good adventuring. She does not blog very often.

8. Rebecca of Socks-for-mum. Such a sweet woman a lovely projects and I am vicariously living through her photography classes.


10. Lastly, the ladies of Crossroads Knits. They have great pieces and I love the camaraderie.

I bet by now you are wondering about my title. Well,

Snowshoeing at white pass

Churchable wanted to go skiing since he had not gone all season, which is a bit unusual for him. Last season he skied so much that he decided to do turns all year (where you ski every month for a year). He would have done it but June shot itself by making him sick the day he was supposed to drive to Mt Shasta to hike up and then ski down. So this year it looks like he and Cueball (one of his ski buddies) will be trying to do turns all year.

I told churchable that I wanted to come but I did not want to ski. I wanted to go use my new snowshoes which I had gotten with my birthday money. I know I went snowshoeing in December but not in my shoes. I had such a blast taking pictures all over the place.

Snow on the trees

I saw great piles of snow and the peace and serenity was lovely. You wouldn't even know that across the street was a big Ski Resort. The Nordic center was lovely and busy but there is so much space you don't even notice all the people.

A bit of bright winter color.

Occasionally I would come around and find unexpected bits of color. I enjoyed myself immensely and took way too many photos.

My two winners are PDX bloggers. Wow girls you get to chose between the two skeins. Who ever responds first gets their choice. Melissa of Days of Tea & Knitting and Meghan of the Daft Drafter. Thanks for everyone who commented especially the lurkers and the new readers. Only about half to third of you who read this blog entered the contest but of course I know not everyone is a sock knitter. I knit more sweaters regularly than socks so I understand. Next time, I will put something out there for you non-sock knitters.