Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WIP/FO Wednesday

Mr Bun telling the leash his opion

Hey guys

I leave for the airport. I get to leave this little bit of land that has been toying with the idea of becoming one with the ocean for another that likes to be pock marked with lakes because the swamps want to envade. I am headed to Florida. 80 degree weather sounds so nice of course by the time I leave I will be done with it all. I only like to visit the south. Even though I am from the SE US I just can't take it for too long. I even tried not to go to college there but well the best school to attend for what I wanted to focus on in undergrad was in South Carolina. I was glad that I got to go elsewhere for summers.

Ok now you are still probably wondering about the bunny up above. We got the little guy (he is smaller than our 8 lb doxie) in October but we thought that it was temporary. Well we found out that the little guy would be staying with us at Thanksgiving. So let me formally introduce Mr. Bun our mini rex rabbit. He is starting to get along with the dogs but Lexi the doxie thinks that it is her job to keep him in his cage or to lick him into submission.

Ok now for some knitting.

Dog Boy's Koolhaas

I am a bit late so I will link you to Ravelry. I have been doing other projects but they are packed in one bag or another.

Also hopefully I got it in the mail on time, but I sent in some submissions to Interweave Knits. Not all of them were patterns so we will see. I don't know how much I will be able to say if I get something in but I will definetely let you know if it gets published.

Have a great week. I will see ya'll next week. Some of you I will see in O-town. Yeah I get to hang out with knitters.