Monday, December 31, 2007

December was too short

Man this month flew. I last left you as I was jumping on a plane to the overly warm state of Florida. I had a great time with my relatives celebrating my grandmother's 88th birthday.

Grandma's 88th B day

I gave her the September Sockdown (ravelry) Mystery sock that I knit in Sept/Oct and finished on the plane to Florida.

Scherherazade's Slippers

She is doing well considering her Alzheimer's. You can tell in her birthday pic that she is not sure that the cake is for her. The progression of the disease bummed me out since it had been 2 years since I had been there. Most of the time she was scared of me and would not leave her room when I was left at the apartment to make sure she did not escape (this happened several times while I was there but not left alone with her).

My SP11 pal Lori

I got to meet my swap partner Lori (aka 1KnuttyKnitter) from SP11. I was spoiling her this round. It was alot of fun to meet her and see a LYS.

Bam Bam

During that time I missed my husband and my doggies. There was a doxie to keep me company. Bam Bam is the same age as Fred (the one we lost last December) but definitely heavier than Lexi. I would probably guess that he is twice the weight of our little Anorexic puppy (I promise I feed her she just does not like to eat unless starving - ie left outside all day).

Upon my arrival home, we got a house guest. He and his dog Maggie were no trouble, but Frankie our mild mannered dog felt threatened maybe it was because Maggie was the tallest dog that has been in our house long term.

After this we made our way up to Union, WA to spend the end of the week with my parents and then bring them back for Christmas at our house. On our way up, I got to meet Ranee of Arabian Knits. We met so she could swap a package with me (sorry no pics the yarn was eaten by the stash as soon as I arrived home). She was so sweet. I think there will be many more meetings with her and hopefully her family.

Churchable and Dad on Dungenesse Spit

In Union we spend the days hiking and exploring the Olympic Pennisula. My favorite day was went we went hiking on the Dungeness Spit near Sequim.

Christmas "present" project from churchable

Christmas "present" project

Christmas at home was uneventful. Churchable had to work both Christmas eve night and Christmas night. We were blessed by the gifts we recieved. Churchable even finished my Christmas "project" present.

Mt st helens' snowshoe hike

The highlight of my parents trip here our house was when we went Snow shoeing up at Mt St Helens. We have never seen the snow so low. Mostly the snow is higher up and we can use two of the sno parks but this time we could not reach the sno parks because of all the snow. We stopped at a sno park that is normally snow free most of the year. It was a beautiful 2 1/2 mile hike.

sorry that it is sideways. I can't get it to rotate.

I also received my SP11 reveal package from Robyn of Sweet Little Domestic Life.

SP11 Reveal

She sent me a book that she was published in and a calorimetry that she had knit for me and some yarn. It was a cute sweet package which arrived on the last postal day before Christmas.