Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WIP Wednesday - What no projects?

WIPs as of 11/28

Hey folks,

I have found myself in a weird place in time. I have many bags filled with projects wanting to be knit but no active projects. Let me tell you the knits are just flying off the needles in this house. I seem to not be able to keep needles full. I might have some unbloggable knitting soon since I really really want to get in some submissions for IK or maybe some other mags.

In exciting news, I fixed that internet crashing (well sort of) and now am happily blogging from this beauty that is snuggled up to my now finished sock.

My new computer

I got a laptop. Now laptops are not new to me. This sexy little one is the lightest one yet. Back in high school (now my true nerd comes out) I had my dad's first computer which was a 36 lb "laptop". Ok maybe not that lapish but it was portable. man was it slow. It would be about 25 years old today if I had not begged for it to visit the dumpster before I left boarding school. Since my "laptop" had met the hard metal of the NH rural dumpster (ie I graduated), I got a new little IBM laptop. This computer had its issues. He got nicked named Wacky. He never could keep his programing and I was always beating him into submission by reinstalling and then giving up and handing him off to my even geekier friends. Then as I neared closer to graduation of college, Dad bought me another computer that was much more behaved. This one was a first edition Sony Viao. Wow how I loved that computer. I learned so many things on him. Frog (that was his name) was always getting me to reinstall his operating system under false pretense so that I would lose everything (ie 1000s of downloaded songs and well that was all I still miss). Now we have this here beauty of modern man, a Dell. Yes frog is in a corner crying. He is afraid that I will be sending him off to Free Geek.

So in addition to finishing up a few knits, We have been getting the house holiday ready. We being cheap (there is a new computer in the house and everything) went to the National Forest and cut our own Christmas tree for $5. Yes you hear me right. 5 smackers for a tree. You do have to look for the right one and then cut it down. It was so much fun. And yes it is legal. This year has been so cool. We are creating awesome traditions that we will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Our tree
There are 2 more photos on my flickr page if you click through.

We did discover some new hiking places that are super close to our house and are awesome. We can go there all year round since it is also a Sno Park. yeah snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Lastly, I will be in the balmy state of Florida in Orlando the home of Disney, Outlet mall madness but most importantly my family. I will be there December 6th - 13th to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. I hope for a fleeting minute that she realizes what is going on; she has alzheimer's. Anyone who would like to meet up with me. Leave a message. I would love to show off whatever holiday knit I decided would keep me from going crazy in the plane.

Now I am off to play with my new toy.