Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WIP Wednesday - the insomniac edition

Well one of the wonderful side effects of coming down off the hormones is that I am an insomniac one week out of the month. Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't do work knitting because i am trying to calm and relaxed as I knit so that I will fall asleep.

I would like to say that the finishitis is still going strong. I finished the sweater. Si your present is done. Ha ok now I must knit the other sweater, the hat, and the pair of socks that I have in the queue for Christmas. Actually my finisitis is so strong it won't let me cast on more projects, except for the baby presents that are for babies that were born earlier this month. I really want to cast something on but I have to finish my work project and my monkey swap socks. Well of the things that I just mentioned only one of them can be blogged about so. Let me flash what I have done on my second monkey sock.


Today when I received my new knit picks harmony needles. I had to cast on with my new sharp non-bendy size 0 DPNs. I grabbed the sock yarn I bought for a specific baby that was supposed to be born around a football game played in these colors. In this house they are rival colors, but as Anna says our colors are clown colored.

I am proud of myself. I learned 2 new techniques with these wee little socks. I did Judy's Magic Cast-on and EZ sewn bind-off. Man why have I not been doing this. They were both so easy. I also think I have got my short row heel down perfectly. This little guy should qualify for SockDown a KAL on Ravelry.

Next up are the projects that are lining up on my desk and grabbing needles. They are impatient little buggers. They started fighting over the new needles as soon as I laid them down. Bad Yarn. You will have your turn.

Here they are in no particular order, Give me your opinion on what I should start:

Knitpick's Gloss with Knitpick's fixed Harmony needles for Endless Paper Mitts

Mystery Sock(not a ravelry link) for SockDown a KAL on Ravelry for Sock Knitters Anonymous lead by our own Fyberduck.

Brother-in-law Camo socks for Christmas. Pattern unknown. Just has to be non-fancy. He is a basic sort of guy, but he asked for camo socks. Pray these socks pool. Stripes would be bad.

Ribbon Yarn. About 1 lb. Unknown source. This will be the RCC that was part of last Sexy Knitter's Club. It should be done but well I have a job knitting.