Thursday, September 27, 2007

OFFF, yarn, and stuff.


Well folks, see that nice lovely pie. Churchable made it for me, on tuesday. I am aware that it is now officially Thursday. I will eat some of it before I collapse in bed tonight. I have decided to call that little pie, my "I have reached and made my first deadline" pie.

Yes folks. I am done. I can start blogging about everything I am knitting. Well ok almost everything. It is the season for Christmas knitting.

Larissa of Stitchmarker

Well in addition to trying to finish my designs on time, I went to OFFF (Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in Canby, OR). I had a great time. My fellow PDX bloggers have done a better job at posting about what they have done and what we did. Check out Cindy's post. I was her car mate on this trip. (there are more pictures that I just dumped into flickr so click on the pic of Larissa and look around)

click on the pic and it will take you to a slideshow of the yarn.

I was good this month and saved my yarn allowance till the end of the month. I got several hanks of sock yarn. I really wanted semi-solid colors. I got so many.


Well in addition to all this I got my first SP package for SP11. It was awesome. I would love to gush more but me tired. I added the link to the slide show of the stuff. I must say that the yarn is Bamboo. So great.

Now I must apologize for being such a lame blogger, but I am tired. I have been pushing myself this week to finish not just because of my deadline but because I am leaving on vacation bright and early tomorrow. We are headed south through California to Arizona for a family wedding. I hope it turns out well. Our RSVP got lost and they just found out we were coming on Tuesday. From there we are headed North to the National Parks of the area. We will be camping and hiking in the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park to name a few. We will be coming home via Salt Lake and Boise. If you know of good yarn shops, let me know in the comments.

Don't expect me to poke my head up before the 8th of October. I will be adding comments as I get them when I have computer access. Have a great first week of Socktober.