Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Quick Run down of my recent activities

Hey Guys,

I have been back for a little bit but really busy and really overwhelmed with life. I got back on Columbus Day. Yes, we did not get to have that day. We had a great 10 days full of extreme drive times and beautiful scenery and great camping sites. I will post more later.

The highlights are above. My current business is 3 fold: One best friend moved in with Churchable and I the day we came back from vacation (our office became her bedroom and stronghold so the computer moved out and we lost our internet for a day), Another best friend (Care Bear) is visiting, and I have to write another pattern and help test knitters with the other two that I wrote before vacation. So I will try to keep everyone updated or at least drag out the pretty pics from vacation since churchable stole my camera. Oh well I was content to knit while he snapped pics and drove the whole trip. Ok maybe not at the same time but those were the main activities. He took 400 odd photos.

A few of my FOs from the trip are in the photos, enjoy!

Go to my flickr page and I added descriptions to the most recent pics.