Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WIP Wednesday


Houston we have a problem. This UFO has surfaced in the general vicinity of the mending basket. Is there really a mending basket or is it the place clothing goes to die a sad lonely death?

This here vision of oranginess has been hanging out since the afternoon of churchable's surprise 30th bday party. That was almost 2 years ago. I love orange but this here goddess of loveliness has a problem. A big ok minor problem of strap length so that the girls are decently accentuated.


See that makes a big difference. I don't know why I forgot this sweet maiden but I am in desperate need of FO land. Ok yes I get high on FOs. I like them. What? you mean that there is joy in the process of knitting. I was there once, but then I learned to knit fast and became a FO addict. fin..ish..ed ........ob...ject NOW.

Oh you want to know the name of this simple little tank. It has a plain name since the translators don't really care for fanciness in the Rebecca magazines. It is simply called the pale green top # 13 in Issue 12.

Um Oh hi! I got distracted over on the Rebecca website looking at the new issue. I started dreaming about cabled shorts. Ok seriously I would not wear them in public. I am not sure if my inner self could take it, but think about sleep shorts. Oooohhhhh... They even have a poncho that is crying out to me. Now that is just wrong. Me? a poncho? Picture, go lie to some skinny model that they would look good in it. Not me.

Well I will babble on about Rebecca and the siren call of weird but oddly compelling German knitting fashion on Friday. Um was I seriously scarred by my year in High School in Germany to like their fashion? I came away with a serious love of German techno music. Did it effect my fashion sense? Well I can tell you that I would never knit the cow sweater or cave women dress. (FYI you can still buy the cow sweater mag. I wonder why it is not sold out?)

On to happier shinier almost finished items. :)


The tube top is coming along nicely. Isn't it grand? I have one skein left. I almost want to forget about the other projects and cheat on them and only knit this baby. Well we will see. Just to show how much I am in love I will leave you with two more pics at the end of the post.


My monkey sock is coming along nicely. It has caused me to abandon my other socks. Hmmm.... I have not been bitten by the monkey but I do realize that I need to have some interest in my sock patterning or I don't care about them. Now a message to all you socks and socks to be. Don't ask to be plain vanilla socks. I will turn up Lime and Violet high enough not to hear you. If you are wondering what color my monkeys are, don't ask I can't tell you? (the answer is at the very bottom.)


Hello Anonymous commenter. If you are my secret pal, please email me and I will be happy to answer your questions there instead of here on my blog. Thanks.