Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Weekend

The view outside my office window late in the evening

This has been a melancholy day. My mood matches the weather. It has been a long time since I have allowed this to happen, but right now I am taking a day off. I am allowing things to happen. I am not bothering with stuff unless it is necessary. Is food really necessary?

The day started out with a bang literally. I woke up at 5:30 am thinking someone was breaking into my house. Come to find out it was only my shelf of cookbooks with their glass shelf falling to the ground with a resounding bang. Not really my chosen way to wake up on a morning alone. I crawled back into bed and slept until the dogs got annoyed and stated that they needed to use the backyard. I let them out and crawled back into my warmth and phoned a friend - A great friend, an artist and confidant, Care-bear. She talked me out my mood and told me that she talked to her company and she might be able to move back out here that cheered my morning. I can't wait for her visit in October. We are going to spend time exploring our art together. Maybe we can create somethings together to be placed in her etsy store.

I did not do much today. I got up and went walking with my friend Carolyn, who is blogless and computerless. No worries she is a great friend and moral support. I slept, which felt so good. I did not realize that I have been running my sleep battery ragged. I started a new project with the yarn I got last night for free. I read the new Cat Bordhi book. I watched a movie about Beatrix Potter. It was a nice day. It was ok.

?, Duffy. ?, ?, Judy of Magic Caston Fame, and Bobbie

Last night I was in Portland for an event. An event put on by Blue Moon Fiber Arts. This event was the big launch for Cat Bordhi's book on sock architectures. The PDX Bloggers met up early and sat in the front row since we are all such wall flowers. It was a lovely event where we got to spend time talking because traffic had detained many people. We played a game to find unusual items in your knitting bag - the prize was free yarn. I had post-it notes in my bag, which was the first item that was on the list that Tina and the gang had compiled. You still got yarn if it was unusual and not on the list. Kathy from Vast Amount of Spare Time had the most unusual item. Since my camera died as the event started, I will recommend that you look at my fellow bloggers entries. As the event ended, we were informed that the first edition has been sold out and the second printing will not be available until October.

Now since I have been Blog Hopping it this week, ya'll have missed out on my knitting. What have I been doing? It does not feel like much but I have been busily knitting my work project at every possible moment. I feel the looming deadlines. Oh how I hate thee. Well they are a fact of life. But I have a few things that I can show you. My plan to knit on things in segments has been working. All my projects have been progressing.


My favorite one so far is the Coquette Lace Tube Top. My mannequin who is modeling it for me is a little smaller in the cup size than I am now so it doesn't look so smoking on her. I added Short Row bust darts across the front while I attended a drag race last week with churchable. As you can see I am almost to the waist with the second ball of yarn. I have already started the third ball and I am almost ready to start the ribbing around the hips.

My secret knitting for Christmas has brought me to finish one panel and start the second. I have been bad and not actually finished the second ball of yarn. I am loving the pattern. It is really easy to follow and I hope it looks great on her for Christmas.


My Entrelec sock has cheated me. It did not want to be knee length. It demanded that I stop at the top of the ankle. So I have started the toe of the second sock and plan on doing this pattern again with a different sock yarn.


Churchable's mariner socks are coming along nicely. They get some play whenever the projects near a switch point. For some reason, it refused to pose for the camera. It kept coming out fuzzy.

Lastly I mentioned that I cast on something new. I joined the crazy masses that have become Monkey crazed. After finally figuring out Churchable's fit and understanding things about socks, I decided to join the next sock swap whatever it may be and to put my knowledge to use. I joined the Monkey Sock Swap 3 this month. I think you can still join. I got the rather fortune opportunity to knit for the hostess of this lovely swap - Rebecca of socks for mum. Thus I get to post wacked out photos to throw her off the scent.


What do you think? Is this picture odd enough? I have finished the first lace repeat. I would like to say this is a super easy pattern. I had the lace memorized before I was finished with round 4. Since it is my first monkey, I am not messing with the pattern much. I prefer knitting toe up but maybe I will give it a try next time. Or I could knit one top down and the other toe up. Hmmm. We shall see.

Edited to add new links to the Cat Bordhi event.