Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today is better. The sun is shining. And there is yarn!!


The beautiful flowers outside my front door.

It was hard to get up this morning but once I was up. The beauty of the day did it for me. I know what to do and I am motivated to get it done. I also had a surprise outside my front door. I am lucky to live in an area that yarn can sit outside and wait for me to notice it at the right moment. I knew this yarn was coming but it was expected on Monday. I guess it knew I needed a yarn pick me up.

Rowan Calmer in Tangerine from Destash!

This lovely collection of 8 balls of calmer came to my home for less than the calmer I bought on sale to knit Fifi. Guess what I am going to make with this? If I had another 4 balls I would start on Morrigan. I don't so I will be making another Fifi and frogging the other fifi.

I am off to catch up on all my work I missed yesterday and to pick up churchable from the airport.