Saturday, August 18, 2007

PDX Blogger Hop - Duffy

We have come to our last installment of PDX blog hop. Duffy from FiberQat is my last victim. I spent a great evening with the lovely ladies of the PDX Bloggers last night at the Cat Bordhi event. There were fun, games, a great talk by Cat and free yarn. Duffy managed to score two skeins of sock yarn. I had the privilege to sit next to Duffy and see the beautiful sock that she is hoping to submit to Interweave Knits. I hope she gets it because I want to knit the beautiful pattern. Duffy also creates beautiful lace.

1) What is your dream job? If not fiber related, how does fiber play a

Believe it or not, what I do now makes me very satisfied. I handle Medicare
claims for 5 home health agencies. In the job I get to play with
spreadsheets, computer programs, and regulations. I have a side of me that
likes structure and routine so as long as that is satisfied I feel good.
Some days I want to get a challenge and I do get them , but for the
most part I'm happy with my numbers. It helps a lot to have a work group
and management who really appreciate what I do.

As to how it plays a part in my fiber side, for the most part it pays the
bills and supports my habit. If it weren't for Excel, I would have to draw
out all my charts by hand or use a specific software. It's not unusual for
me to be spending waiting time with a pencil and piece of paper working out
a knitting problem. And during my breaks and lunch I'm getting in my

2) What most influences your knitting?

When I look at a project, I want to have in it something that will challenge
me a little or make me think. I like an occasional mindless knitting
project, but I get bored easily so will end up setting it aside for
something more interesting. As I've become more technically skilled, I've
started exploring designs and how they would work on a body like mine
(pear-shaped short, moderate bust). I'm noting more and more color
combinations that attract me and looking at how different cultures have
handled shapes and colors of the world around them. I'm a tweaker of
patterns: if there's a part in a pattern I don't like, I'll try to figure
out a way to work around it. For the most part, I'm more likely to take a
basic pattern and work it with my own stitch patterns.

3) What is the most interesting thing you have done with a knitting needle?

I've set them up to use for drying starched parts for lace angels I made one
Christmas. Most parts are flat, but the the bodice is folded gently in
half. This requires it to be hung over a tube shape, so I used my 14"
aluminum straights tucked into some towels on the towel rack to hold the
bodice pieces. And also as a lazy kate (needles stuck in a deep cardboard axles)

Edited to add pic