Wednesday, August 15, 2007

PDX Blogger Hop: Rodger

(I snitched this off Rodger's flickr account.
If there are any complaints, send me another.)

Up next in our Blog Hop, we have Rodger from Over Abundance. He works at the yarn shop Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks. He is currently doing secret knitting that he hopes Interweave likes. The only exchange Rodger and I have had was when he asked about My Blue Moon Bling sweater. He told me, "It's hot!" Rodger does not get to hang out with us PDX bloggers much since he is gainefully employed. Maybe we should drop by work and catch up with him there. I did that one time and he was not there. Oh well another time.

1) What is your dream job? If not fiber related, how does fiber play a

I already work at a really awesome yarn shop, so I guess my dream job would be to keep working there and also find enough time to seriously design the things I'd like to design

2) What most influences your knitting?

Elizabeth Zimmermann's innovativeness, my own desire for flattering garments for all, and Ooo, the pretty pretty yarn. Oh yes, papa likes his yarn, yes he does.

3) What is the most interesting thing you have done with a knitting needle?

Broke into a house I was staying at with some friends. They had forgotten to give me a key, so I used a US 3 circular to pop the screen out of a window so I could climb in, unlock the door, and
unload my car.

- Rodger