Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Hey folks,

This is the second WIP of the month. Where are we? Well I almost finished that first project for Blue Moon. I am currently writing up the pattern which I have found that I hate doing. I don't mind writing long hand but typing it into the computer is a pain in the butt. My goal is to have that done by midnight tonight (if not churchable may come home from his night shift to find a blear-eyed crazy women armed with knitting needles.)

Ok happier things. I finished two things which is great that means you have something to read about on Friday.

Coquette Lace Tube Top

I also have some pieces that I have cast on. One you can see here on the blog because it is for me. I am knitting the Coquette Lace Tube Top from Fitted Knits. I decided that the Knitpicks Cotlin would be great for the overall feel. It is working out, but in the process I found out that I have 2 Crystal Palace US 6 circulars that have different mm sizing. Man does this throw off your swatch gauge. I don't even know which one is which. Oops. But I do know that the one skein that has been knitted into the top fits. Yeah. Of course there will not be any modeled shots of this item till later. Much later.

The other project I cast on this weekend was for Si my SIL for Christmas. Now I know she reads this blog because she leaves comments. What a nice SIL? But that means we have stealth knitting. I have come up with an answer well sort of. That is to send you to my project page in Ravelry. Yes I know some of you are still waiting, but I have heard rumblings that we are going live soon so you won't be left out for too long. Now Si if I find a profile of yours on Ravelry. I will be very upset. Her present is reported about here. I am also one skein into this project.

I have decided that I will be working on a project one skein at a time so that I can get work done and give my WIP equal attention. The entrelec socks will get one row of blocks at a time and churchable's socks will get some time (I don't know how to divide that.)

I have also joined to swaps for the next couple of months. I will be posting about those over the next couple of days. Before I post my SP info, I have promised myself to finish up the pattern for my SP from SP10 and send it off. Yes I am a bad pal, but the yarn was back ordered for 3 months.