Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WIP Wednesday - with a few weekend happenings at the end


This weekend was crazy and a little mixed up. We were supposed to go to Spo Vegas for the 4th through the weekend but we decided we had been in the car a little too much. See what we did at the bottom. So since we did not do much but stay home, I got to got to the first PDX knit blogger meet up at Knit/Purl. Kathy over at Vast Amount of Spare Time has a great list of all who attended. I was busily finishing up a few projects so that I could have needles free to start my projects for Tina. They are due at the end of August so I will be a little busy.


My entrelec sock has gotten many ohs and ahs lately. It especially caused many passerbys at Fabric Depot to stop and pet it and comment on the fact that I was not even looking. My response would have been why do I need to look at my knitting when it is all little tiny squares of knit stitches, but I was brought up to be nice and accept it. My inside voice was screaming STOP PETTING the SOCK people. I might understand now about the whole people petting pregnant women's bellies. Totally not ok. Ok it was fine for a few knit bloggers but not the entire group of people that I did not know and who did not ask.


My sweater with cables from Rebecca 30 is coming along well. I think I might only have enough to seam and crochet the neck. I don't know how much I can do with the sleeves. I have one small ball left. It is currently blocking and waiting for me to seam it and figure out how much yarn I have. I started this project happy if it only becomes a vest.

I have restarted Fifi with more stitches in the neck and then realized that I was lazy and did a swatch but did not measure it. I just cast on willy nilly. It's not good to toss about starts. So I got the sweater with cables off the size 8 needles and I will be swatching tonight and hopefully casting on tomorrow morning before I start work. I just got my yarn today for my big project for Tina over at Blue Moon.

Now on to the big weekend event. If you don't care about my crazy life move along there is no more knitting till Friday. So I finally decided that I had had it with cousin It and he had to leave. I mean what good is a tree that is supposed to flower and has only flowered once in the 4 summers you have been spending time at this house. You must first know that cousin it is most likely about 40 years old. SO it was not easy. Now the house looks a little bare but much more to my liking.

Tabblo: Our 4th activities - The migration of Cousin It