Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Wrap up

So I did not do much this weekend but knit, hey my husband was at a men's retreat. I only had to feed myself and two dogs. So what better than to have a weekend to become one with the couch. I did get up and go to the farmer's market to get produce for the week, but that was all. What do I have to show for all that laziness?

Why a Blue Moon STR sock!
I might have to un pick the toe. It is a little long but I was teaching myself how to knit a heel gusset and using the magic loop method. I liked the gusset unlike when I tried to teach myself 8 years ago. The magic loop is ok, but I like my dpns. I am with Stephanie in my love for them. I hope she gets her sock back before I see her in Portland this weekend.

Since not much happened here this weekend and I did not post about our memorial weekend, I will leave you with some pics and a video of our weekend. We headed to Bend, OR to hang out with Tradja and Jess. We hiked, skied, ate and shot things up. It was a blast.

This video is our Lab/Pug mix playing in the snow. She was such a wild thing that the snowmobilers had to come find out what kind of dog had that much energy.