Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend Wrap up - late

My knitting

So I know I have been less than posty this last week, The reason behind this is that I am knitting a mystery project. The blob of blue above. Last week, I did not get to work on the socks till Friday night while I waited for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak at Powell's bookstore in PDX.

Stephanie taking her sock pics

I had this event on my calendar for over 2 months. I was planning it and asked my friend who just learn to knit to join me. Things were going without a hitch. Churchable would stay with the doggies while we laughed about yarn. Fast forward to Friday, my friend called to say that Stephanie was on TV. We flipped it on and ate breakfast in front of the TV. When they announced that Stephanie was speaking tonight at Powell's, churchable looks at me and states "Do you want to go?" Ummmmmm........ "Yeah, we are leaving at 4." "Oh cool". "So do you want to come?" "Yeah I think that Stephanie is funny and I would like to hear her talk."

The sock at Powell's waiting for Stephanie in the Pearl room.
Click on the pic to find out what Stephanie did to the pink sock.

Let's just say I was amazed that my hubby would join us. My poor friend has a husband in the camp of extreme CHOKE (Cultural Humiliation Of Knitters Everywhere), but that caused her to laugh even harder because she was going through it. Let's just say that she knits rather fast for a beginner but her projects take a while because she can't knit or crochet when her hubby is home. Poor girl.

Sock pics eith Stephanie

I got three of the yarn harlot's books signed. Yeah. I love having such a great bookstore near me that brings in authors. I have done to a few signings. I typically am more interested in the talk than the signing but it is cool to meet them and ask individual questions.

The funny little dog was so cold.

This weekend was weird. Friday was amazingly hot. I wish that we had worked in the yarn but no we waited to do that on Saturday. Well we awoke to rain and that is all it did for the rest of the weekend. I knit on my mystery project and finished the sock.

My Knitting corner as of 6/12/07
I cleaned up my studio so I can knit in it again.

The sock? you ask. Yes I have finished a pair of socks in less than a month. Hmmm ... I think this is a Blue Moon conspiracy to have me only knit socks with their yarn. Why knit with anything else if Blue Moon is the fastest.