Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I was good this week. I paid attention to all my WIPs but of course got more done on the largest and newest one.

Firebrick mittens

The Firebrick mitten in its smallest size is doing well but I cam getting distracted by shiny knits. I need to get the thumb on by this weekend. My goal was today but Churchable got sick with food poisoning last night and he did not get to sleep till 4AM and since I was the nurse maid to my hubby I stayed up and helped him when needed and started the Buffy series over on

SPSS II - first sock

I have decided to take my time with this WIP since it is a swap that does not end till the end of August and I want to keep my partner in my thoughts and prayers till then. If I finish too early, I fear I will not be so mindful of the purpose of the swap.

the second sock for BIL

The BIL Christmas sock has gotten a wee bit of attention since I was standing around talking with Churchable's co-workers & knitting after their meeting to find out the fate of their jobs. He was kept! Yeah!

Labyrinth hem

Lastly this is my current obsession. I cast on at the neck on Saturday after cleaning my studio and swatching. After I woke up today, I cast off the hem. The hem is not supposed to be a shirt tail hem but I just loved the one in Sahara (which has moved to a new house to live) and really wanted to incorporate it into this pattern.

Labyrinth top done.  Need sleeves

Now which pattern have I start, why the Labyrinth pattern by Wendy. I am doing this one along with the Sexy Knitters Club also. I guess I could say this is also part of the Knit anything by Wendy until the book arrives KAL. I am really looking forward to her new book. I don't normally pre-order books but I had to with hers.