Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Summer Knitting Goals

The image is from a site that has demotivators.

Ali over on Skeins Her Way is having a contest to keep your knitting on track this summer. I thought I would jump in since I seem to be aimlessly drifting lately.

  1. Finish the Firebrick Mittens (ravelry) & get them ready to sale the pattern.
  2. Finish BILs socks
  3. Finish Prayer Sock Swap II socks
  4. Finish Labyrinth with the Sexy Knitters Club
  5. Frog & Re-cast on Churchable's Mariners socks in LL sock
  6. Start Sanford's ski hat in yarn provided by him
  7. Start Bubble Pullover from Norah's Knitting Nature in Malabrigo
  8. Start one more Christmas gift. Most likely Bud's in knitpicks lace
  9. Start Tomato by Wendy in knitpicks shine
  10. Start & Finish my Mom's Christmas present in Knitpicks comfy
  11. Start & Finish my Dad's Christmas present in LL Worsted
  12. Start & Finish Urchin in Noro Transitions
  13. Start & Finish Christmas Fiddle Faddle for our tree in random stash bits
  14. Start & Finish RPMs for Churchable in STR Mediumweight