Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WIP Wednesday - airy

I have been airing out the WIPs by knitting them in the outdoors. All of them have progressed.

Bubble sweater started

I fell in love with this pattern, the Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature, before I ever bought the book. I was just looking for the right yarn and the right occassion. Now I understand the middle of summer is not the most ideal time to be knitting a 100% wool sweater but considering I still wear sweaters for most of the summer it is not too much of a hardship.

Bubble swatches

First came copious swatching. I really wanted to have a more fitted sweater than the original. The smallest size gave you a 46" bust. I wanted something a little big but not that big. So the first swatch (red) was knit with the original stitch count on smaller needles. It was still too big. It would have given me a 43" bust. I wanted smaller so I crunched some math and cast on with the needles to get gauge and less stitches.

Bubble to win them all

It worked and the sweater will be a 40" bust. Now I am sure you are sick of the bubbles so let me distract you with socks.

Jeweled Step sock one

My swap socks are past the heel and I no longer am worrying if they will fit. They are a bit snug on my feet so they should fit just right on hers. I love the way this pattern turned out.

BIL sock after Get Smart

BILs socks are coming along nicely. I got to the last toe increase on Friday and got to where you see now while watching Get Smart. I loved the movie. It gave me answers to my fav show as a kid. Now I am not that old but I used to stay up late when visiting the grandparents and watch Nick at Nite.

Firebrick on the second

Lastly the Firebrick Mittens are on to there second mitt. I am so excited. Now if I can keep the momentum up, ya'll will see the pattern soon.