Wednesday, June 04, 2008

RIP Wednesday

Do you ever have those weeks were nothing gets done? Well it seems like that was last week. I have either had no time for knitting or no desire to knit. The mojo is gone. Here is how last week went:

Thursday - 12 hours of errands in Portland so maybe a row or two waiting in line

The whole view from my spot

Friday - Helped churchable get ready for his weekend away and um.... went to bed early

Firepit space

Saturday - straightened up the patio after churchable had power washed it the day before and sat and enjoyed the backyard

Giant tree

Sunday - church (I started a sock) and churchable came home early so we trimmed the giant tree in the yard

My knit and blog corner of the patio

Monday - um .... have no clue other than maybe lots of ripping of barely started projects out on the patio till it started to rain.
Tuesday - well I emailed with test knitters and my tech editor and finally got to sit and knit at night.

Projects started and RIPped:

Pair of shorts to sleep in out of Berroco Comfort - too small and I did not feel like adjusting the pattern. (maybe I will write my own pattern)

Mitten thumb tips for the firebricks - I was not there yet on my second pair so I just did a faux thumb to figure it out.

Several swatches that did not work out just right for my desire and so they have been frogged.

Basically I have zip to show you. I will show you that sock that I started on sunday. It is turning out nicely. It is for the second version of the sock swap that I participated in this fall.

sock for sock swap

Also along with this no knitting, I have had little desire to do much. I don't want to eat, I don't want to knit, I don't want to clean, I don't want to leave the house, I don't want to check ravelry, I just want to get outside and exercise. I have not been hyper obsessed with working out since 1997-1999. So I guess it is about time that I get my butt in gear. Maybe I can fit into those shorts that I frogged (haha I think those legs were twigs and I have never even in my days of anorexia been twig like in the legs). I have been walking about 10-12 miles a week and this week I started the couch to 5k program. I was amazed at what I did yesterday, which was my first day of the program but I think I will stick with it. Churchable, the runner in the family, is cheering me on to do good. He was impressed with my form and pace and is encouraging me not to push myself too hard but not to give up too early.

Don't worries there are designs running around in my brain. I just need to have the time to figure out yarns and exact patterning. I might not want to knit but designs are always pouring out my my brain. There are a few that won't leave me alone.

Monkey sock swap package
close ups of the loot in my flickr account so click and view

I also need to thank my Monkey sock swap pal for my package. I wore my monkey socks on my run last night and I have been using the bag that came with it since this weekend. I was so spoiled by this package. It made me feel special. It is why I love swaps. Thanks Rebecca for organizing this swap and to Kary for sending such a lovely package and pair of socks.

The socks.  They fit!

If my mojo has not returned by next week I will finger the culprit. I think someone has been stealing it for their own uses but it is too early to tell.