Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday - Yarn Tastings

Filosophy by Trendsetter

Filosophy by Trendsetter
4 sts/inch on US 8s
55% Cotton, 45% Polyamide
110 yards Color: 103

The final ribbon yarn of the month is Filosophy. This is an interesting yarn made up of a mess nylon ribbon and a matte cotton ribbon that are connected as one yarn. The ribbon did not snag while on the needles. It smoothly knit. It felt a bit like suede yarn because of the drag factor across my wooden needles. It created a pleasant stockinette texture but not my cup of tea. It created too thick and dense of a material for my liking. This yarn was the most off in proposed gauge to the gauge that I attained. I got a full inch more per stitch at 5 sts/inch.