Friday, May 02, 2008

FO Friday - Catrack Cowl

Cattrack cowl in the wild

So the design juices have been flowing and last Wednesday I could not sleep so I cast on a new thing. Let me introduce the Cattrack Cowl. Perfect mix of yarn and pattern.

Many of you might be watching the cowl craze sweep the internet. Back in November, I knit a giant swatch that have been wearing all the time. I love it so much that I put away all the scarfs. I thought it was high time I bring another cowl into my collection. I will be sharing it with ya'll as soon as the test knitters finish with it.

Cattrack cowl

This cowl is knit using the twined knitting technique. My husband saw it as I neared completion and felt that it looked like Cat tracks up on the mountains. We love winter sports but don't always have time to go up to the mountains and enjoy the snow. Now I have a reminder of the trails that we enjoy.


Now you probably wonder what happens to those pictures that don't make the cut, I mess with them to have fun. See don't you like the cool funkiness of it all.