Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday - yarn tasting

Tsumugi Silk Combo (A-111) by Habu

Tsumugi Silk Combo (A-111) by Habu
5 st/ inch on US 7s
100% silk
156 yards, color: HA1

I was really hoping to love this yarn. I love Habu yarns. You don't see many here on this blog because I primarily weave with them and have not done much recently. This yarn made me swoon in the small little skein but upon casting on it was tight and uncomfortable. I thought oh it just has sizing on it. Wait till it washes up, it will be breathtaking. Nope not a bit. I could knit a shape with it and then mold it about a frame work. I think this yarn will do better in the weaving world with its cousin A-1 Tsumugi Silk. I have a few skeins of A-1 and hoped for better results. Well maybe A-1 will need to come out of hiding but A-111 was sadly lacking in what I look for in a knitting yarn. It had everything I hope for in a weaving yarn.