Friday, April 11, 2008

FO Friday - 3 snacks for the price of one.

Fiona Baby Sundress

Pattern: Fiona Baby Sundress (pdf) by Staci Perry Raveled here
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease 1.7 skeins (100grams / 207yards) 50% Cotton /50% Acrylic
Needles: Crystal Palace US 7

Mods: I did not do a CC or the i-cord straps. Plus I forgot my cable needle and had to improvise.

Facts to remember: Check that there is enough ribbon to make all 4 straps the same color. Yes I only have two of the cute lime wedge ribbon straps. I had enough for 3 but not 4.

I hate Cotton-ease. I don't know about the rest of you but it taxes my hands like no other and it is not that it is made of cotton. Alisa that I am knitting up right now is made from Cotlin which is definitely not forgiving. It has to be something about the acrylic. I am hoping that the Comfy that I ordered from Knitpicks will be better on my hands. I already picked out a pattern for it to try it out.

Things I Love: I loved the annoying pleats they totally make this dress. I would love to make this again for another kid if I find a better yarn.

Reaction of the recipient: Well she is about 6 months old and was crawling in the opposite direction so I am going to say undecided. Her mother loved it and gave me a hug. This is the second baby gift I have given them since the first was wool and the mom was a bit scared to wash it so never used it.

Since I still had extras of this yarn and I did not want it hanging around, I looked on ravelry for a pattern and came up with this quicky.

Headband to match baby dress

Pattern: Basketweave Headband by Carissa Browning Raveled here
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease 1/3 skein for both (100grams / 207yards) 50% Cotton /50% Acrylic
Needles: Crystal Palace US 7 DPNs

Mods: None I did not have enough time to come up with any mods.

Facts to remember: That I knit these because they were so fast

Things I Love: These were fast. I had 2 done in less than 24 hours and that included sleeping for 10 and going to church and well let's just say very little actually needle time.

Reaction of the recipient: I gave one to the mother who the baby dress went to and the other is for my Coffee Swap partner. It is one of the Spring Handmade things.

There you have it. I jumped into PS3: Earth with both feet and finished 3 projects in less than one week. We will see how much further I will get.