Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WIP Wednesday

A interesting week of slow start

Since I finished wicked on Saturday, I needed something to work on Easter while visiting friends. I finished up the first endpaper mitts pretty quickly. I thought I had a lot further to go on this one. I was amazed to work on it so little and finish up one mitt. I might have gotten further that day, but I forgot that Ham gives me severe migraines and had some for Easter dinner.

Since I still had a little over 1 skein of malabrigo left from knitting my wicked sweater, I decided to make something else for Malabrigo March. I finally decided on A Better Bucket since I really like to wear them all year round. This should be a yummy snuggly hat that keeps the rain out of my face.

The other little start there is my swap sock. I had to rip it out at the beginning of March for the second time. I really did not want to think about it for a while so I placed it in time out. Today I decided that I needed to get it done since the swap ends at the end of the month. My pal gave me a bit more time since this thing was frustrating me too much after knitting it twice.

I have been working on getting my next pattern out to my test knitters so these pitiful attempts are all I have to show you. Once next month starts I will be knitting my final sample of Alisa (rav link), the pattern I will be releasing at the end of the month. You will get to see the pattern as it develops. I will be donating the first couple of months of proceeds to ravelry and then later a portion of the proceeds will go to ravelry.