Sunday, March 09, 2008

PS3: Fire - Things to warm your soul

My soul has been warmed by a few things this week. My set back this week which Indigo mouse thought I should have called RIP Wednesday instead of WIP Wednesday was bolstered by a rather good next few days.


firebrick mittens helping load more wood

My mittens were frogged along with my socks on Wednesday but I created the pattern and marched on to a spectacular finish (ok it was only one mitten but I am claiming all the victories I can these days). This mitten is lovely and I am smitten with its beauty. I hope to release the pattern in a few months or so after it goes through tech editors and test knitters. So look for it.

Orange Paper Lantern at the Chinese Garden

I also hung out with Churchable and my best friend Kayleen. We wandered around Portland, going to the Saturday market, lunch in China town, a walk through the Chinese garden and a trip to Uwajimaya. While at Uwajimaya, I stopped in the bookstore and looked at the knitting books. I was stunned and it took a bit of time to figure out what books to buy. One of the books I did get, I wish that there had been a second book to buy for my mitten swap partner.

japanese mitten book
There are other pics from the book on my flickr list.

The book above part of the Heart Warming Life Series. ISBN 978-4-529-04510-0. It has twined knitting and fair isle. As soon as I got home, I looked up the mitten book to purchase. It will be arriving in a month so mine will be mailed with the package, but this book is so beautiful.


BBM: Little Things
Click on the picture to see exactly all that is there.

This week I received my BBM: Little things package from Megan of Megan's Cookin. She sent a lovely package. This swap was supposed to represent the small good things that can be offered and that we keep the shipping down. She sent me 14 items. All very much appreciated.

PS3 -fire atc from my swap partner

I also received one of the 2 ATCs that I am to be getting from this round of PS3 ATC swaps.

liquid flame trying to crystalize
liquid flame trying to crystallize

The new improved steam iron in a bottle
The new improved steam iron in a bottle

I also did the two above for my swap partners. I had fun with my puns and pens.


Well I am not having a contest, but 2 other bloggers are and I am going to share with ya'll. One ends tonight at 10 PM EST and the other by the end of the month.

Up first is the contest at Beautiful Thing's blog, she is celebrating one year of blogging. Very cool. She asks that you do a simple things and answer her questions.

  • name : Chrispy
  • flickr id : pursuitoffiber
  • ravelry username: RChrispy
  • your vote for your favorite of my 2007 FOs: I love your A-line tank it looks lovely on you.
  • link to or description of your favorite of your own FOs (knitted or otherwise - anything you made): wow well I am going to have to go with the one I wear the most. Some people are in love with their most recent FOs. I would be but recently those have been a bit slim. So I am going with my Rusted Root.
The second contest is over at Knitting in Pink. She wants us to list our 3 favorite things about where we live.

1. A new working fireplace.

The first fire in 2 1/2 years.

2. A big backyard for the dogs to run around in.

3. Close to the biggest city park with a lake to walk around and exercise the dogs at